Good news !! The Artist's Eye is going to add a new category to the paintings!

A "Small Paintings" section will be added in October for all interested artists and buyers.

There is less than a week left, and to avoid regret, have a look at the collection of amazing paintings currently on Auction.

We can guarantee that nowhere will you get original paintings at better prices!  

Therefore hurry up and treat yourself, or someone special in your life, with a  spectacular and one of a kind painting!


We want to welcome you to the website of The Artist Eye! Our mission is to invite South African artists to step into the global world, to showcase original ideas, and to enhance lives through colour, inspiration, creativity and self-expression. 

Good day all art lovers!

This is the beginning of an exciting new chapter in my life.

When I started this, I never thought that It would end up with writing a blog as well, but here I am and I have some amazing ideas to share.


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