Fanie de Klerk


Art will inevitably reveal its creator.  No artist can express more than he is and what his talent will allow him.  Look at a painting and you will see the painter whose hand compose it stroke by stroke. Is he genuine in love with his subject?  So much so that he does not miss the slightest details;  or that it conjures up visions which will transport the beholder into another realm?


Fanie is what he is.  An artist whose talents can no longer be questioned as it has been established authoritatively by connoisseurs.  


Some time ago the SABC commissioned him to participate in some of their projects and paint some landscapes which grace their studios.  During 2001 he was commissioned to paint a portrait of Lennox Lewis, who delighted by it, took it back home.  At an auction, held at a recent re-union of the 1995 Springbok Rugby World Champions, a number of his portraits, depicting the heroes and their action on that historic occasion, for which Fanie has been commissioned, were sold with great acclaim.  At the SCI Convention held in Las Vegas in 2002, six of his paintings of wild life, which had been exhibited there, fetched fitting prices.  Quite a number of his paintings can also be found in private collections in Europe. 



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