Lindie Fick

Lindie Fick got interested in oil painting in 1992 as result of an inborn artistic sense, as well as awareness of any form of art; but her personal choice is oil on canvass.

She was very artistic from an early age which she inherited from her mother as her sister also paints well in oil and watercolour. Her 5 year old granddaughter is also very talented and shows promise as she draws and paint as much as possible.

Lindie already did several commissions in oil, and kept a big collection of paintings for herself. Her best way to pass time is to paint where she can express herself in the best way. She chooses to frame paintings with glass, but also works on the more modern boxed canvass. She paints regularly and hope to have more time for it in the future and to go from strength to strength. Lindie is very grateful for her talent for which she thanks the Lord.

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