Sannette Boshoff

I am passionate about women, children and colour. Colour is my vehicle to get the viewer's attention to connect with the emotion, the expression, to look deep within themselves and connect with whatever moves them. There is something of everybody in my paintings. I'm fascinated by the contrast that the female form presents. The softness of their skin, the roundness of their form, their vulnerability; compared to how strong their characters are, their souls, how much they can survive, how many times they can start over.
I have sold paintings to clients in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Australia and South Africa. In 2008 I was invited to do a panel of 2,4m x 3,6m for the Samora Machel Museum at Mbuzini. The panel is a modern piece depicting the funeral rites of black tribes in Sub-Sahara Africa. The piece was executed using only wreckage from the Aircraft that Samora Machel died in, in 1986.

I paint, under more, nudes, woman and children portraits and horses. My preferred medium is Acrylics on Canvas.

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