Wilma Ferreira

Since a very early age I could not get enough of my colouring books. Drawing, painting and all sorts of art and crafty things interested me very much. Unfortunately the schools I attended didn’t offer any form of art as a subject. About 4 years ago I decided it is time to dare my hand on the paint brushes. I received informal training with Renier du Toit, who works as Graphic Designer, Photographer and Artist since 1990 and did the art line at uShaka Marine World and Montecasino. Renier has more than enough experience in applied art to lay me a good foundation. I attended several workshops with other artist like Elize Bezuidenhout which specializes in portraits. She is a Fine Art award winner as well as winner of several competitions. My latest training was with Lucas de Wit, also a well-known artist that specializes in photo realistic painting and the painting techniques of the old masters. Lucas is a master himself in this technique. I just love everything about oilpainting. From the smell of the oil paint, the colours, the creativity, and all things bright and beautiful that my Creator created for me and you to enjoy. I like to develop this talent for so long as possible, to the honour of His name.

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